Risk Management for
Cryptocurrency Transactions!

Our services cover all escrow functions to ensure transactions close securely and efficiently, and with total convenience for you.?

Transactions for which our escrow service is suitable include:?
Joint ventures?
M&A ?
Corporate finance?
Asset sales?
Real estate transactions and leasebacks?
Assets securitisation
online Payment services

Escrow Agent

During commercial transactions, parties may require assets to be held by an independent third party while matters are finalised or disagreements resolved. As Escrow Agent, we hold funds on behalf of two or more entities, to be released in accordance with the Escrow Agreement.

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Small & Medium Businesses

Sign up free. If you are a business, service provider big or small, power your transactions with our digital, easy to set up escrow platform. Buy or sell goods and services, conclude milestone based, conditional transactions with confidence and worry free.

Platforms & Marketplaces

If you are a platform or a market place add escrow payments to empower your users. Create a complete ecosystem of trust and add layers of transparency, protection to the milestone based, conditional transactions.

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We offer a range of Escrow services to support M&A transactions around the globe, including Holdback Escrows, Good Faith Deposits and Paying Agent Services.
To mitigate transaction risk, Esolutionswll offers Holdback accounts, enabling clients to place a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied. Holdbacks offer a way for the buyer to seek claims for false representations or breaches of warranty. Esolutionswll will manage all claims on the account in accordance with the agreement terms.
Closing Agent/Paying Agent
Esolutionswll offers buyers escrow accounts for deposit of the full transaction purchase price to centralize funding sources and hold liquid funds before closing. We also provide a variety of services to facilitate the transaction:
Closing Agent escrows – These escrows facilitate the exchange of the company stock from the seller for cash payments from the buyer.
Paying Agent services –Esolutionswll disburses funds to the selling shareholders directly from an escrow account. We can efficiently manage all aspects of the process, from inspecting presentations and share certificates, to resolving issues and promptly paying shareholders.

E-solutions gives you all the tools you need to safely buy and sell products and services from $10 to $10 million or more.